Things are happening

Dear friends, Things are happening. Today over a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches and side salads Jess Williamson asked me to play her record release party at Hotel Vegas. Thing: I also posted a Demo of 4 songs that you can stream here on this site. Tell me what you think ( On another front, The Cedar Shakes from Nehalem, Oregon will be staying with me for a week starting tomorrow. We’re recording an LP! We’ll start rehearsing at Eastern Sun Studios monday. You can’t find The Cedar Shakes online. They live on a farm and don’t even have cell phones, but DAMN they write awesome songs. Not pulling your chain, really awesome. I’ll try to set up some way for y’all to hear. They have a 10″ record, and if we play some impromptu show in town, i’ll post it on twitter @davidlongoriax or here or something. all for now. Best wishes, DL

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