Phantom Ladies

So, 2 things. 1.) I’m playing a show that I’m looking forward to at Holy Mountain (617 E 7th Street, ATX) with El Campo and Sweet Ghosts this Thursday night. Doors open at 9pm and I’ll probably play at 9:30 or so. See you there. and2.) I just read a gripping article on Geeshie Wiley and Elvie Thomas, two female blues singers who recorded in 1930. Until recently there was almost no information on these women…there was some vague second order knowledge of their relations and where they were from. They recorded some of the most compelling music I’ve heard. They’ve always been thrown into the category of Delta blues originating in the Delta of Mississippi, but this misses the mark by some state lines. One of their songs “Last Kind Words Blues” was featured in a strange montage in Terry Zwiggoff’s movie “Crumb”…this scene added more logs to the mysterious fire. There is a story that I won’t say more about. Read the article and see some video supplements featured in that rag, the NY Times: X

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