Patsy's…Sister Kate…Ranch

Dear friends, I’m writing to let you know of a few things. I’m playing at Patsy’s this Wednesday the 27th with Amy Hawthorne. We’ll play mostly songs from The Black and a few covers sprinkled in. A note about Patsy’s: I always have fun. It’s weird in a good way. With the jackrabbit, western, and cowgirl art and spotlights, on the outskirts of my life, slightly intoxicated, there are moments when it feels like I’m on a David Lynch set – a left turn where you usually take a right. Come to this one. It’s a good time and they sell good drinks. I recommend the veggie enchiladas.David Longoria Patsys Cafe
I’m also playing a ranch show friday around 9pm which is not listed here. If you want to go, send me a message, and I’ll shoot you the directions. It’s in Blanco, Texas and it’s recommended you camp overnight. RF Shannon, Jesse Woods, Dana Falconberry, Sleep Good are playing.
…also I’m planning for a limited edition cassette release in October. I’ll say more later.
…and here’s a little video of me jamming Sister Kate

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