South Texas Triangle Cassette Tour

Alright. All the balls are in the air, but they are set to come down with a bounce. I’ve got three shows booked for what I’ll call the South Texas Triangle Tour. Inside this triangle is a relatively unpopulated portion of Texas. Even if you are curious enough to zoom in, you’ll find only a small town or two. It’s all south Texas plains, brush country and some hill country…Open Spaces. But on the points of this Triangle are vibrant centers of human activity. Laredo, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. Here is an illustration of what all this looks like:
David Longoria South Texas Triangle Tour
In Laredo, The Empty Orchestras are in the process of securing a venue. I’ll be playing with Boone Graham of Boonesboro at Wolverton Home Concerts. In Corpus Christi I’ll be playing NASA (formerly Studio B) with Rene Sandoval.
This tour is inspired by a very limited cassette that I’m recording. This is music that I’ve been working on over the past few months that may or may not be officially released on a studio Vinyl LP. I will make more than 50, but less than 100. I’m focusing on pure sharing of a tiny physical thing. These are home recordings, so they’re meant for the cassette deck in your truck or maybe the boombox you have in your kitchen. I’m not done yet, but I intend to complete the recording, mastering and production in the duration of this turkey stuffed month! I may book an Austin homecoming show that Sunday, Dec. 14th, but that’s still in the works. So, the triangle could be totally different. Anyway. That’s all for now.

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