70 degrees Clear

Today I went to McKinney Falls with Rich and Chris. Besides talking and hanging out Rich had something that he had to do on his phone, so he was on a text line with his bandmates. Chris was writing in his journal, and I was ‘trying’ to let the stream work on me, but mainly I was snacking on apples and cheeze. We did some swimming and all of us are slow water enterers. The water wasn’t even very cold, but we’re all just wading there for minutes not getting in. I like to say all kinds of mantras or prayers about why I’m getting in the water…intentions. For example I’ll go swimming in January and the water will be cold, and I’ll say something like “I’m diving in this water to put out the fires of war” and there I go. But lately I just count down from 5. Like with kids in a classroom, you start counting down from 5 and everyone shuts up and knows that when 1 comes, something has to happen. So, I’m counting down from 5 for many things in life.
Later we went to lunch and we talked about some theoretical phone call that we would get that would say “You’ve made it”, “you’re off the hook” or “here’s some money, stop worrying”. We wondered what that phone call really would be. Seems like I’m always getting some kind of call. But maybe the call is “You’re making it”. That’s what I think. It’s 70 degrees and clear, and It’s like getting constant encouragement from the big Koonaklaster as John Fahey would’ve called it. The encouragement I’m getting this time around is I’m getting to play some awesome upcoming shows. Spring-Fed Arts Series, Song in the Round with Colin Gilmore. I’m playing shows in San Antonio and Corpus Christi in May. Not to mention the encouragement of waking up this morning.Lower-McKinney-Falls

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