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We left Christian Anger’s home, met with Calvin LeBaron, and played a triple feature at Il Tavolino. It was really something. After the show Frieder took us to our flat. The hospitality here is incredible. We slipped out and went to the bar in the zentrum. “Schickeria” Bar. (if anyone can find the German countrified dance song by that title please share it with me). We stepped in and all conversation halted, and all eyes were on us. “Where are you from?” in German accents. Texas…Oregon. We ordered beers from the Russian bartender. They asked for Mexican folk music, and handed me the Spotify tablet and I chose the song Un Puño de Tierra, then we listened to a Flaco Jimenez album. We danced around and twirled the old ladies. Some rowdy young men and women arrived bought us tequila shots. Since we were musicians they asked us to play some music. Of course we didn’t have guitars but there was a piano in the small lounge upstairs. So, up we go and we lit the place up and these boys went totally wild. They didn’t want me to stop playing the chorus of country road…dead flowers. Many smartphone cameras on us, and a couple in the corner making out. Zwickau hot nights. And now it’s snowing.image


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Gotthard Bar – Zurich, CH




Hello to Grant Cross famous Haiku fountain and friend. I’m updating show/tour dates. I’m going places, y’all come too.

Forthcoming Tour Plans

Somewhat Secret Tour Plans
Bradley Ray King made this:

Longriver up in the Northwest

Longriver is able bodied and going north and west. Grant Cross wrote this haiku for this post occasion, published here without his permission:
Update yr blog, dog
All the peanuts in the world
Creamed for yr pleasure
The tour starts in Portland and Ends in Port Townsend on “the peninsula” as the Cascadians call it. 2 week tour, people! Tour buddies and fellow performers Travis Champ and Justin Fallen will be coming along. Want to see a flyer that Travis Champ made? Well if you have any peripheral vision, you can already see it:
David Longoria, Longriver, tours with Justin Fallen and Travis Champ, Nirmanakaya
What else can I say? Thanks to theElectric Fences Fest people for booking me. I’m grateful for all the help and love. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, Travis, Jamie, Katy Curtis, Chris Pappas, Celeste, Hank and the farm. All the dogs. Happy to be playing these songs, making people smile and laugh and cry. big trees, firs, and cypresses, all the evergreens. I’ll have tapes, books, records, all of it. Now I’ll go publish the shows on the “shows” page. alright, Thanks y’all.

Poems Published in Halvard Johnson's Truck

Dear friends, Please follow the link to Crag Hill‘s month long editorial-ship of Halvard Johnson’s Truck. We’re taking a road trip, from the southern tip of I-35 in Texas to the northern tip in Minnesota, following the idea of the interstate as a creative corridor.
Here is my entry:
David Longoria on the side of the road

Always debuting as a poet

It’s my debut again tonight at 7pm at Malvern books with David Abel from Portland, Oregon.
Here’s a haiku for you,
Ice T, Dr. Dre
The age of Aquarius
Black socks, Birkenstocks