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Forthcoming Tour Plans

Somewhat Secret Tour Plans Bradley Ray King made this:

PARTY – Portland, OR

party at and 19th and Pettygrove. BYOB? Party hour.

Longriver up in the Northwest

Longriver is able bodied and going north and west. Grant Cross wrote this haiku for this post occasion, published here without his permission: Update yr blog, dog All the peanuts in the world Creamed for yr pleasure The tour starts … Continue reading

Poems Published in Halvard Johnson's Truck

Dear friends, Please follow the link to Crag Hill‘s month long editorial-ship of Halvard Johnson’s Truck. We’re taking a road trip, from the southern tip of I-35 in Texas to the northern tip in Minnesota, following the idea of the … Continue reading

SXSW – Self by Selfie Promotion

IT’S that time of the year again.  I’ve already stepped into Robert Duvall world, brushed shoulders with Billy Joe Shaver, who also just happened to be walking through Robert Duvall world. I shook hands with a TV actress. I don’t know … Continue reading

South Texas Triangle Revisited

Recently I hopped into a borrowed car and embarked on a trip that I call the South Texas Triangle Tour.  In your mind you can see a detailed image of Texas. You can see the three points of the South Texas … Continue reading

Highway Hearts

Tony Presley of Real Live Tigers asks me a few questions for Highway Hearts.  Follow the link.

I See The River Cassette

Here it is, friends. My cassette release: I See The River. I made 84 copies and now I have 10 left. I will sell up to 5 here at 7.25 postage paid. 30 minutes of music. I hope all is … Continue reading

South Texas Triangle Cassette Tour

Alright. All the balls are in the air, but they are set to come down with a bounce. I’ve got three shows booked for what I’ll call the South Texas Triangle Tour. Inside this triangle is a relatively unpopulated portion … Continue reading

Show Flyers