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Pacific Northwest Tour

North by Northwest! It seems like I travel to the Pacific Northwest yearly. And this is true. Below is the poster. Hints of the last Whole Earth Catalog. I feel those Douglas fir, summer in the 70’s, nature in your … Continue reading



Hotel Vegas – Austin, TX

With Will Courtney and Will Cope

Cheer Up Charlies – Austin, TX

SXSW Closer. I’m Playing as Longriver at 5pm, this is alot of my favorites and friends the same! starts at noon,  12:30 the courtesy tier 1:00 dances 1:30 honduras 2:00 roses 2:30 denise 3:00 a tiger named lovesick 3:30 austin leonard jones 4:00 david israel  4:30 bill … Continue reading

Lonesome Heroes TOFU BBQ Blowout – Austin, TX

8pm More. The corner of Chalmers and Canterbury

SXSW – Self by Selfie Promotion

IT’S that time of the year again.  I’ve already stepped into Robert Duvall world, brushed shoulders with Billy Joe Shaver, who also just happened to be walking through Robert Duvall world. I shook hands with a TV actress. I don’t know … Continue reading

South Texas Triangle Revisited

Recently I hopped into a borrowed car and embarked on a trip that I call the South Texas Triangle Tour.  In your mind you can see a detailed image of Texas. You can see the three points of the South Texas … Continue reading