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Hotel Vegas – Austin, TX

early show doors at 6pm! with Alex Dupree and Matt Kivel.

Austin, TX – Hole in the Wall

with Ben Ballinger and Galen Ballinger

Austin, TX – Cheer Up Charlies

with Rf Shannon and Lizzie Buckley

Pacific Northwest Tour

North by Northwest! It seems like I travel to the Pacific Northwest yearly. And this is true. Below is the poster. Hints of the last Whole Earth Catalog. I feel those Douglas fir, summer in the 70’s, nature in your … Continue reading

The Prelude – Harlingen, TX

a song in the round with Angel Rodriguez and another songwriter TBA

South Texas Tour

With joy I announce the South Texas Tour.  For those of you who remember the South Texas Triangle Tour of late 2014, this is a modified return to that tour. This time I’ll be going deep into the South Texas Valley. … Continue reading

70 degrees Clear

Today I went to McKinney Falls with Rich and Chris. Besides talking and hanging out Rich had something that he had to do on his phone, so he was on a text line with his bandmates. Chris was writing in … Continue reading

Forthcoming Tour Plans

Somewhat Secret Tour Plans Bradley Ray King made this: