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Beerland – Austin, TX

SXSW OFFICIAL Super Secret Records Showcase, 7:15-7:45pm

Beerland – Austin, TX

With Dawn and Dupree. Check out their single “California Worryin’”

South Texas Tour

With joy I announce the South Texas Tour.  For those of you who remember the South Texas Triangle Tour of late 2014, this is a modified return to that tour. This time I’ll be going deep into the South Texas Valley. … Continue reading

Spring-Fed Arts Series – Austin, TX

with Rich Russell. Show up at 5, music Starts at 5:30 1104 Baylor St.

Le Pop in – Paris, FR

with Travis Champ

L'International – Paris, FR

with Paul Hazan and Travis Champ

ROOM hostel – Rotterdam, NL

with Travis Champ

Cafe Eden – Bochum, DE

with Travis Champ

CC Muziekcafe – Amsterdam, NL

with Travis Champ

De Nieuwe Anita – Amsterdam, NL

with Travis Champ, Long Tall Jefferson, and Jakob Hummel